Runners Up

From Rs 6.53 billion of cumulated turnover in 2020’s ranking to Rs 7.57 billion in 2021’s ranking for the top ten runners-up

In this year ranking of the Top 100 Companies, the first ten runners-up have a combined turnover of Rs 7,57 billion

In almost 25 years dealing in direct selling of home and personal products, Aldrex Suppliers has grown its base as a leader of this thriving market. As at now, the supplier works with more than 7,000 direct sales consultants, holds a diverse portfolio of product offerings ranging from cosmetics, cleaning products, decoration items, to fashion accessories and domestic appliances, amongst others. At the 101st spot of this 2022 edition of the Top 100 Companies, Aldrex Suppliers falls out of the sought- after ranking, even if its turnover (Rs 791.10 million) as well as its Profit before Tax (Rs 75.50) at June 2021 are higher compared to its previous figures; with Rs 748.60 million of registered turnover and Rs 61.80 million of recorded Profit before tax.

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Ranking Company name Turnover (Rs/Million) Financial year
101 Aldrex suppIiers Ltd 791,100,000 6/1/21
102 Socovia (Belle Vue) Ltee 790,672,448 4/30/21
103 Inicia Ltee 780,077,146 6/30/21
104 Tea Blenders Limited 764,337,697 12/31/21
105 Celero Ltd 764,050,000 12/31/21

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