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Ken Arian

Airport Holdings Ltd have experienced a remarkable surge in turnover, marking a staggering 312 per cent increase. The latest financial report reveals a substantial rise, with the turnover reaching Rs 33.4 billion, a significant leap from the Rs 8.12 billion recorded in the previous year. This outstanding performance catapulted Airport Holdings Ltd into the third position in the current rankings, a notable ascent from its 32nd position in the previous year’s standings. Additionally, the financial outlook has improved significantly, as the group transitioned from a loss of Rs 3.52 billion in the previous year to a noteworthy profit before taxes of Rs 3.86 billion in the current year. At present, AHL boasts over thirteen active subsidiaries and approximately eight operating companies. These subsidiaries are organized into ten distinct clusters, with each operating company assuming a prominent role within its respective domain. AHL is currently focused on the airport and aviation ecosystem, navigating numerous challenges on both local and international fronts. The Group is resolute in its determination to establish a dynamic consortium capable of flourishing in the intensely competitive contemporary landscape.

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