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Out of the latest figures made available on Mauritian businesses financial performances, Fine Foods Marketing grabbed the first place of the ‘Top 10 runners-up’ list of this year’s ranking. For 20 years now, Fine Foods Marketing has been importing and distributing chilled and frozen foodstuffs, particularly meat and seafood, as well as other gourmet food items. The foodstuffs distributor climbed from the 125th position in 2022 Top 100 Companies ranking to the 101st one, with a turnover of Rs 922.4 million as at June 2022.
In a decade, Proximed Ltd (107th) has positioned itself as an indispensable ally for the region’s healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians.
Incorporated in 1997, Socovia operates one of the largest cattle farms in Mauritius. For the 2023rd edition of the Top 100 companies, the breeder and fresh meat dealer maintains its 102nd rank with a registered turnover of Rs 894.6 million as at June 2022, compared to a turnover of Rs 790.7 million posted for the 2022 ranking.
LIC (108th), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI), headquartered in Mumbai, is a globally recognized life insurance company. Established in 1956 by an Act of the Indian Parliament, it is majority-owned by the Indian government. The Mauritian branch, founded at the same time as the parent company, actively contributes to Mauritian society through extensive CSR initiatives, amounting to MUR 3.88 million in 2021-22 and around Rs 23 million over the past five years.
Cargotech joins this Top 10 runners-up segment at the 103rd spot. The 20 years of age international freight forwarder generated revenues amounting to Rs 885.7 million as at June 2022. As new entries, the distributor of electronics, hardware and home appliances G.M Punjabi, and the multi-disciplinary construction company
Ferme Marine de Mahébourg (109th), Ferme Marine de Mahébourg embodies the pioneering initiative of local entrepreneurs to create a world-class aquaculture operation. Over a period of five years, they painstakingly developed an integrated system, from hatchery to processing, financed solely by private investment.
Rehm-Grinaker Construction secured respectively the 105th and 106th place of this year’s ranking, with Rs 875.6 million and Rs 869.2 million respectively of turnover as at June 2022.
Founded in 2009, C P World (Mauritius) Ltd is a leading provider of efficient logistics services for the business community. CP World (110th) are all newcomers in this segment of the 2023 Top 100 Companies ranking with registered turnovers of Rs 790.9 million, Rs 786.4 million, Rs 785.3 million and Rs 779.3 million. Where profitability stands, Proximed, LIC, and GM Punjabi are the best performers of the Top 10 runners-up list with respective profit before tax performances amounting to Rs 228.6 million, Rs 182.4 million, and Rs 90.8 million. Together, the first 10 runners-up of the Top 100 Companies have a cumulated turnover of Rs 8.4 billion.
G.M. Punjabi & Co. Ltd
G.M Punjabi & Co. Ltd is a leading retailer specializing in ready-made products and operating in the non-specialized wholesale trade. Renowned for their quality and style, they meet a wide range of customer needs and ensure exceptional satisfaction.
Food items distributor, namely of Nestlé products, H.A Ramtoola gains one spot from the 107th place to the 106th place with revenues amounting to
Rank 2023 Company name Turnover 2023 (Rs/Million) Financial year
101 FINE FOODS MARKETING LTD         922,418,442 9/30/22
102 SOCOVIA (BELLE VUE) LTEE         894,650,242 4/30/22
103 CARGOTECH LTD         885,963,373 12/31/22
104 G.M. PUNJABI & CO. LTD.         875,558,048 6/30/22
105 REHM GRINAKER CONSTRUCTION CO LTD         869,232,270 6/30/22

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