Health sector & Related activities

A thriving sector with a turnover of Rs 14.5 billion for an ageing population

According to the United Nations, a survey of 84 countries indicated that the return to pre- pandemic levels of service delivery was well under way. The report stated: “By the end of 2022, most countries reported partial signs of service recovery. This included services for sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health; nutrition; immunization; and communicable diseases (including malaria, HIV, and other sexually-transmitted infections). (...) In addition, the number of countries reporting disruption to their national supply chain system reduced from nearly half (29 of 59 responding countries) to about a quarter (18 of 66 responding countries) within the last year.

In 2020, Mauritius presented a National Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) 2020-2024, within it has been unfolding the set-up of a New Cancer Hospital, New Eye Hospital and a New Training Centre at the Flacq Hospital and engaging in the decentralization of the healthcare services. Concerning healthcare, a conjunctural element is the increase of the proportion of the population aged 65 years and over, which has risen from 7.2% in 2010 to 13.2 % in 2022. In this twelve-year span, the Mauritian population has accelerated its ageing trend, which comes with a host of needs in terms of medication and hospitalisation. In 2022, an increase of deaths linked to diabetes and cardiovascular issues was noted, according to the Health Statistics Report 2022. It noted: “A total of 5.0 million outpatients were seen by a doctor in all public health institutions; this figure was 4.3 million in 2021.” Likewise, “the number of admissions in Government Hospitals in 2022 was 166,214 compared to 149,259 in 2021; this represents an 11.4% increase.” These elements indicate that Mauritians are more concerned about their health and catching up with delays in treatment which were caused by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, trade wise, learning from the Covid-19 disruptions in provision of essential medication, the Government seeks to provide incentives to position Mauritius as a pharmaceutical hub in the Indian Ocean.

The annual results of companies in the Health sector show sustained growth in three main subsectors: clinical activity, pharmaceutical activity and export of products produced in Mauritius. The three top ranking businesses illustrate this trifold aspect of the booming health sector in Mauritius. Ciel Healthcare continues to expand its services across the island and has seen its turnover increase by 16% to reach Rs 4.1 Bn. Meanwhile, MSJ Ltd Unicorn has firmly established its leadership as provider of pharmaceutical products, with a 10% rise in turnover, attaining Rs 1.5 Bn.

As for Natec Medical Ltd, it is a flagship company for Mauritius. Natec Medical Ltd is an integrated design, development and manufacturing company specialised in Percutaneous Interventional Medical Devices (PIDs) for the global market. In 2022, its turnover increased by 44% to nearly reach the threshold of Rs 1 M. And it is now part of the AVA group incorporated in 2022 and launched in January 2023. AVA, an integrated group dedicated to medical devices, health services, and various related business activities, invested in the AVA Technopark at Côte d’Or, the first technology park for medical devices in Mauritius.

This three-pronged growth provides scope for varied employment and complementary expertise in the healthcare and related sectors.

Rank Company name Turnover 2022 (Rs/Million) Profit before tax (Rs/Million) Financial year
1 CIEL HEALTHCARE 4,121,000,000.00 350,000,000.00 6/30/23
2 MSJ Ltd Unicorn 1,533,000,000.00 70,000,000.00 "December 2022
3 NATEC MEDICAL LTD 980,100,000.00 116,940,000.00 6/30/22
4 Proximed Ltd 790,860,000.00 228,590,000.00 6/30/22
5  SCOTT HEALTH LTD 689,265,000.00 62,913,000.00 9/30/22

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