Are we up for it?

By Philippe A. Forget

“Love of money is the root of all evil” — New Testament. Timothy 6:10

“Lack of money is the root of all evil !” — George Bernard SHAW

This year, more than any other preceding year, there is clear reward in having been on the ball and fast shooting in the publication of one's corporate financials. For sure, those companies or groups that published figures relating to 2022 or even up to December 2021, all generally show stronger turnover levels and improved profitability compared to those of 12 months earlier. Indeed results to 30 June 2021 and before were bang in the middle of the singularly constrained environment of the Covid pandemic, facing off the consequences of the sheer panic of our first planet-wide, modern pandemic.

It is also useful to remind ourselves that compared to the 43,000 deaths caused locally by the malarial fevers faced between 1866 and 1868 (13% of our total population) and the 10,000 deaths registered for the Spanish flu in 1919 (2.7% of our total population), we have officially only registered 1,030 covid-related deaths in Mauritius since March 2020. This, on a population size that is at least 3 1⁄2 times larger than 100 years ago registers as only 0.08% of our total population!

Perspective can indeed be parlous sometimes!

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