The other very large groups

(Rs 5 billion & more companies)

These other large companies show a turnover between Rs 5 billion and Rs 10 billion.

Managing Director

Matthias de Laminat

Vivo Energy. With an improved turnover of Rs 10.40 billion in 2021, compared to Rs 8.42 billion in 2020, Vivo energy secures the 8th place in this year’s ranking (2021: 9th). The company has ended 2021 with a 79% growth of 79% in profit and 24% in turnover. Vivo Energy has been investing in and growing its retail network and has expanded the latter by 10% in the last three years. As a result, the company’s network comprised 51 service stations in Mauritius, making it the energy company with the largest retail network in terms of site numbers and contributing to making it the market leader in Mauritius. Vivo Energy has also been increasing the scale range of brands under its non-fuel retail business by offering, on its sites, multi-branded convenience retail shops, quick service and fast casual restaurants, and other services including lubricant bays and car wash.

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